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Victoria Justice And Katelyn Tarver Discuss Singing, Acting And Everthing In Between!

katelyntarver Sep 19, 2013

How does a star choose between singing and acting?  


If you want to find out, then check out my interview video with the amazing artist Victoria Justice! We talk about all the above, her music crushes, her recent tour, and more!


Check out the video, start voting, and tweeting and get to it!


Victoria Justice Is This Months Ultimate Music Crush!

katelyntarver Sep 10, 2013

Hey guys! I asked you - who's your Ultimate Music Crush?


Well, you voted and we listened! I'm thrilled to reveal that Victoria Justice is this month's Ultimate Crush! It was so awesome sitting down with this golden gal to ask all the questions that YOU tweeted to me! Want to know what it was like touring with Big Time Rush? How about who her favoritie musicians are? Just watch the video below to get all the answers to the questions YOU asked!


Check out the video, start voting, and tweeting and get to it!


Exclusive: Katelyn Tarver's Music Video Directed By OMG Everywhere

katelyntarver Aug 21, 2013

I recently got the chance to work with the super fun nonprofit organization OMG Everywhere. They put on art workshops for kids giving them a chance to work with filmmakers, learn about cameras and video and music, and encourage kids to flex their creative muscles. They asked if I'd be interested in participating in a music video to my song "Favorite Girl" that would be directed, filmed, and thought up by the kids in the workshop, and I jumped at the opportunity. The kids I got to work with were bright, funny, smart, sweet, and all but 10-12 years old. They came up with a fantastic idea for a video and the end result is pretty great, if I do say so myself.


I had SO much fun doing this! Now I just need to figure out how I can own the beautiful, sequin, high-end, designer dress I got to wear .... :)

Follow them on Twitter @omgeverywhere and check our their website!

What do you think of the video?

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Katelyn Tarver Gap Styld By: Recording

Whose Your Ultimate Crush?

Katelyn Tarver Wants You To Vote For Your Ultimate Music Crush

katelyntarver Aug 05, 2013

A couple months ago, I asked you - Who's Your Ultimate Music Crush?


It's finally time for you to answer that question!  August is MY MONTH for The Ultimate Crush, which means that you can vote for your favorite artist(s) to be interviewed by me!   


All you have to do is head over CLICK HERE where you can vote for your favorite artist, and then tweet me the questions you want me to ask with the hashtag #TheUltimateCrush! Once we have all your votes and tweets, I'll interview the artist(s) you chose and ask your questions!  


And if YOUR question truly crushes it, you'll get a special shout-out from the artists themselves!


Check out the video below that gives you a sneak peek of my fellow Buzzmakers and me in action and start voting for who you want me to interview!


Katelyn Tarver Gap Styld By: Recording

katelyntarver Jun 23, 2013

As I said in my last post, this is the first summer in a couple years I haven't had a tour to go on. What I AM doing this summer, is finishing up my album! I've been writing songs for about a year now for it, and this summer I'm going to keep writing and hopefully get in the studio to start recording them. It's such a crazy, exciting, confusing, exhausting journey to finish your first album.. I could write a couple blogs on it but right now I'll just say that!

I'm excited to finish my album this summer, but I've also loved just hanging with friends enjoying the sunshine. This outfit is very representative of my main summer uniform. Shorts and a tank top. It can take me from a writing session, to the park, to a concert, to a nice dinner out with friends. I loved wearing this outfit.

What I'm Wearing: Pocket Tank, Shorts, Wedges!
Head on over to Gap's Styld.by site to get the look!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

Katelyn Tarver Gap Styld By: Summer Plans

katelyntarver Jun 13, 2013

Hello! It hit me the other day... the past two summers I've had a summer tour to plan and look forward to, but this year I don't. ( I'm getting ready to go into the studio and finish my album!!! WOO!)  Upon realizing I don't have a tour to plan for and I don't have many "summer plans" planned, I proceeded to freak out and think something along the lines of  "WHY IS IT ALREADY JUNE WHERE IS SUMMER GOING I NEED TO MAKE MORE PLANS SUMMER'S ALMOST OVER AHH!" ...anyone else? No? Ok..  

After I freaked out, I did realize I have one thing for sure planned... A trip back home to Georgia to hang with my family! Super excited. Using the "Bug Eye" effect on iChat for hours with my little brother (why is it still so funny??) just isn't cutting it anymore. Really looking forward to seeing them...  I'm also planning to see some concerts, to try to find a pool to lay beside at least once a week, to last minute decide that "we just need to drive somewhere we've never been!", to wear a cute floppy hat and hold a pinwheel while wearing a flowy dress... :) Mostly, just trying to take in and enjoy these glorious long summer days...

What I'm Wearing: Ombre Floppy Hat, Maxi Skirt, Multi Strap Sandals

Head on over to Gap's Styld.by site to get the look!

Hope you have a summer full of planned and un-planned adventures!!

Katelyn Tarver Gap Styld By: Adventuring Outdoors

katelyntarver May 23, 2013

Summertime is here!! I can smell it! I can feel it! The sunshine is calling my name. One of my goals this summer is to literally be outside as much as possible. My allergies seem to be disagreeing with this goal but, I'm not going to let them ruin this! One of my favorite summer activities is a picnic at a park. It's about as cliché summertime activity as you can get but, I'm owning it. I don't care! Give me a blanket and friends, some cut up fruit and a frisbee... I'm so happy. Mmmmm yeah. I hope you have a wonderful summer full of whatever summer activity makes you feel alive! Take a look at my summer looks inspired by Gap's Styld.by

What I'm Wearing Look One:

Woven Shorts

Linen Button Down Shirt

Knit Striped Sweater

Printed Wedge Sandals


What I'm Wearing Look Two:

Sleeveless Pocket Shirt

Braided Rope Belt

Skimmer Legging Jean

Wedge Buckle Sandals


Head on over to Gap's Styld.by site to get the look!


Katelyn Tarver Talks Everything Grammys

katelyntarver Feb 11, 2013

I love the Grammys. As an aspiring artist who dreams of holding her own grammy one day, they still seem magical to me.


Last night's Grammys was no exception. I loved seeing Fun. take home Best New Artist and Song of the Year. Proving that 12 years of work eventually does pay off! I only have about four years under my belt so.. eight more years?! Oh no… I also can't stop loving Adele. Can we talk about how great she is? Her live vocal won for best pop solo performance, and her disarming demeanor always makes her that much better. I guess she is from England so I shouldn't be too surprised. They're always a little cooler, right? Mumford And Sons and Ed Sheeran...loved both of their performances. Kelly Clarkson proved that she can still sing her face off, her voice is unreal.  But, if I have to choose favorites, my top picks were RihannaMickey Ekko, Justin Timberlake, the Levon Helms tribute, The Black Keys, and Bruno Mars. Rihanna standing there in a simple, tasteful black dress (which reminds me, who WASN'T wearing a black dress?!!?) singing a beautiful ballad filled with emotion reminded me that she CAN strip the song down and still own it. She was mesmerizing. That SONG, you guys. … it's perfect. I know we all were dying about seeing JT back where he belongs, how I've missed him! Thankful that he's back. Although I wanted a little more "oomph" from his performance, the guy can sing and captivate an audience and he did that. The Levon Helms tribute was SO awesome.. Elton, Zac Brown Band, Mumford, Brittany Howard, Mavis Staples (who was uh-mazing). I thought it was such a strong performance, but I wanted more Brittany Howard! Why didn't Alabama Shakes have their own slot for their own song?! They were one of my favorite new bands this year.



The Black Keys are so freaking cool, adding Dr. John (with maybe the best outfit of the night?) and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to their performance made it one of my favorites. But if I had to choose just one favorite, it would be Bruno Mars. The voice, the song, the dancing band… it all just WORKS! I can't get enough of him lately, is album is on repeat in my car, and he's endlessly inspiring to me in my own songwriting. Now in performing, I just loved it. Adding Sting, Rihanna, Damian, and Ziggy Marley to the Bob Marley tribute made for my favorite performance of the night. Bravo! 


If I have to choose low points… LL Cool J. His hosting and performance, just wasn't into it. I felt like he zapped the energy out of the room with his opening monologue, and he told me to hashtag one more thing I was going to lose it. I love social media but, please stop telling me to "hashtag grammy's!" with every tweet. I was so excited to see Frank Ocean, but his performance was sadly disappointing. Loved the graphics but, I wish he hadn't changed his song up so much. "Forrest Gump" is a great song, play it as is! As I said before, I really wanted  a performance by The Alabama Shakes, I didn't love fun. 's performance, I wanted a John Mayer performance… big thanks to Katy Perry for dating him and bringing him to the show, but I can't wait to see him on stage again. I thought "Born and Raised" deserved some nominations. I also don't think I was the only one a little surprised at Mumford taking home Album of the Year for "Babel".

I was rooting for Frank Ocean but, all the nominees in that category were deserving. Just didn't think Mumford would get it. Good for them though! Lastly, I think this could be said with any event ever but, I can always use more Beyonce! :)


Overall, I thought The Grammy's were a good representation of popular music today, with mostly solid performances from everyone. Looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings in music!

Happy Monday! 

Let Katelyn Tarver Know Who Your Ultimate Crush Is!

katelyntarver Feb 06, 2013

Hey hey hey! 


How's everyone's new year?! My 2013 has been filled with a lot of songwriting so far. Working on my first album is the most fun/ hardest thing I've ever done. One of the most fun things about it, is knowing you're in it with a bunch of other talented artists who are in the same place as you or have been there before. I love love love getting to talk to other musicians about music and how they write and what inspires them, which is why I'm super excited to be a part of Crush Soda's new campaign. Because it allows me to do just that. But, it also includes you… 


The program is called The Ultimate Crush, brought to you by Crush Soda. Every month a different Buzznet Buzzmaker (like meeeee) will talk to a different band or musician of your choosing with your questions. To get involved, head over to The Ultimate Crush and vote for your favorite artist. You then will tweet your questions to that month's Buzzmaker with the hashtag #TheUltimateCrush. Then, when the vote is through, I or another one of my "Buzzmaker" friends, will sit down and hang with the artist you selected and ask them your questions. 


So, my fate is completely in your hands.  Who is your "Ultimate Music Crush"? You better pick me someone good!!! :) 

Happy New Year! Talk to you guys again real soon. 



Love My Lips: Katelyn Tarver's Moisturizer Original ChapStick Style Inspiration

katelyntarver Nov 21, 2012

I always want some original flavored ChapStick Moisturizer. It makes my lips so soft and I can put it over any lip color and it’s perfect.  It’s always been my go-to ChapStick, and it looks like it always will be. Check out my outfit inspiration!

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